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Monday, March 25, 2019
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Christian School Survey
First Baptist Church of Auburndale

Thank you so much for visiting our survey.  Please know that your personal information will in no way be connected to your survey answers.  At the end of the survey, you will have an opportunity to leave us your personal information, only if you wish.

We feel that a child's education is so important that it needs it to be based on God's Word.  Because 90% of the nation's education is increasingly more secular (by law), we are contemplating the start of a Christian School to begin FALL 2016 depending on interest.  

Scripture makes education the responsibility of the parents and the body of Christ.  We would like to help make sure that the truths of our faith are successfully passed on to the next generation.  
To assist parents and in obedience to God, we would focus on academic excellence while building Christian character and promoting Biblical principles for living.

We will be taking this information and using it as a step in seeking the Lord concerning His will for First Baptist Church.  Please click the "Submit" button at the end of the survey.  Thanks again!

1.  What is your zip code?     

2.  How long does it take you to travel to the First Baptist Church of Auburndale (Main and Bridgers)?
          0-2 minutes     2-5 minutes     5-10 minutes     10 - 15 minutes     15-20 minutes     more than 20 minutes

3.  In your opinion, should prayer be allowed in school?     yes     no

4.  Would you like to see an opportunity in Auburndale for children to be able to learn in a Christian environment and be taught from a Biblical worldview?
     yes     no

5.  Do you have children or grandchildren whom you would like to see attend a Christian School in Auburndale?
     (Please put the number of children beside each choice that applies to your family).     
               Ex. Children              Children      Grandchildren

6.  Do you have friends who have school age children that you believe would want to attend a Christian School in Auburndale?
     yes     no

7.  Would your child be able to attend a school that did not have a before or after school care program?
     yes     no

8.  What are the grades your children/grandchildren will be attending in 2016/2017?  (Please put the number of children beside each choice that applies to your family).     
      K-2nd grade      3rd-5th grade      6th-8th grade      9th-12th grade

9.  Which type of school are your children currently attending?  (Please choose all that apply).
     Home     Public     Private     Charter     Christian

10.  Our school would focus on the spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional growth and development of the children.  Please rank the following in the level of importance to you.        
     (1 being the most important and 9 being the least important.
     Sports     Academics     Drama    Music     Technology     Class Size   
     Clubs      Spiritual Development              Good Peer Relationships          Other

11.  How much time would you be willing to contribute time to help in the academic classroom? 
      none     1 hr/wk     2-4 hr/wk     4-8 hr/wk     more than 8 hr/wk

12.  In which of the following areas would you be willing to volunteer your time in order to keep tuition costs down? Check all that apply.
     Administration     Fundraising     Sports     Janitorial     Clubs    

13.  How important is it to you that your children be able to "defend" their faith when they graduate from high school?     
          Very Important     Important     Somewhat Important     Not Important

14.  Please check the box that indicates your approximate family income.
     $0 - 15,000     $15,000 - 30,000     $30,000 - 40,000     $40,000 - 50,000     $50,000 - 60,000     $60,000 - 70,000
     $70,000 - 80,000     $80,000 - 90,000     $90,000 - 100,000     $100,000 - 125,000     $125,000 - 150,000
     $150,000 - 175,000     $175,000 - 200,000     $200,000 - 250,000     more than $250,000

15.  Please share the amount of you would be willing to pay for one student to have a Christian education per year.
     less than $3,000     $3,000 ($250/mo)     $4,000 ($333/mo)     $5,000 ($417/mo)     more than $5,000

16.  Would you be willing to sponsor a child/children with their tuition cost (or partial cost)?     yes     no   
       How much per year?

17.  If First Baptist Church of Auburndale opened a Christian School in August 2016, would you be interested in having your child/grandchild attend?       yes     no     maybe

18.  Please leave your name and email address if you would like to be on a list to receive information regarding a school start.

19.  Please feel free to leave us any additional comments.


  Thank you so much for your help!

  Please know that your personal information has in no way be connected to your survey answers.  After you click the "Submit" button, there will be an opportunity for you to give us your contact information, etc. if you wish.  You are not required to do so.