First Baptist Church, Auburndale, FL
Friday, June 23, 2017
A Place for You with People Who Care!

SOFA Faculty

 Rhonda Johnson, Piano and Voice Instructor, Director 

Mrs. Johnson has been instructing in piano and voice for the past 25 years.  She came to 
Auburndale in Aug of 2005 with her husband Tom Johnson as he was called to pastor FBCA.
Soon after coming to Auburndale, the Johnsons felt strongly that a School of Fine Arts was
needed to train students in the arts that they might use their God-given talents and abilities to
glorify Him.  In the Spring of 2014, First Baptist embarked on this mission as an extension of 
the music ministry of the church.  "It is exciting to see how God is using the school to help 
students realize their potential and discover their talents.  I pray they will always do everything
they do to the best of their ability to display God's glory and grace."

   Catherine Polk, Piano Instructor

Miss Polk feels very blessed to be a steward of music. She has enjoyed giving piano lessons to children and adults for over eight years. She also teaches out of her private studio as well as through Geneva Classical Academy in Lakeland. She aims to tailor curricula and lesson activities to suit each students' needs, learning style, and personal tastes. Along with traditional methods, she also emphasizes aural skills and the creative elements of music. In 2013, Catherine graduated from Southeastern University with a Bachelors of Arts in Music. She now serves as a staff pianist at Southeastern, accompanying vocal students and instrumentalists. She has been a church pianist for several years and is now playing for First Baptist of Auburndale. She also enjoys composing, performing, and writing about music.
Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass, and Piano Instructor,   
                                                      Rebecca Blackwelder

Miss Blackwelder is a second year Cello Performance major at Southeastern University.  She has been a member of the Imperial Symphony Orchestra for 3 years and is also a member of the Southeastern University Orchestra. Aside from playing cello, Rebecca is also a vocalist and bagpiper.  She was a member of the Lake Wales Highlander Marching Band for 4 years as the Pipe Major and also marching musician, playing various brass and percussion instruments.  Miss Blackwelder is very excited to be teaching and absolutely loves working with students of all ages! She teaches violin, viola, cello, brass instruments, and piano. 

Guitar  and Drum Instructor, Michael Tuck  

Mr. Tuck is currently seeking his degree in Instrumental Performance from Southeastern University.  For 12 years, he has honed his instrumental skills, and he has played in different genres from church accompaniment to Jazz bands.  From the age of 17, "music has always been considered a form of worship" to Michael. Teaching drums is one avenue  he has to encourage others  in  the art  of percussion and the joy of praising God through music. 

   LaNelle McGaffigan, Interpretive Movement Instructor
Mrs. McGaffigan started ballet at an early age and always enjoyed using her dance to praise the Lord.  She is experienced in Ballet, Point, Tap, and Sign Language.  "Our bodies can be used to glorify and praise God in many ways.  Dancing is one exciting and healthy way to not only do that, but to share our hope with those who are watching."  LaNelle was married to Drew McGaffigan in 2013  and has been in Auburndale since 2005.  She is a graduate of Warner University in Lake Wales.  

Drawing Instructor, Zachary Johnson  
Mr. Johnson  has been an inspiring artist for as long as he can remember. He has produced and directed student films that have heavily required the use of 2d animation.  With great animation comes great understanding of perspective and proportions. He understands that sketch art is very important when it comes to visuals, and he wishes for others to understand as well.  Having the belief that we should do everything we do to the glory of the One who made us, Mr. Johnson believes that the foundations of drawing are essential to great art.  His Communications degree is from Southeastern University in Lakeland.